The Women Within Us
Women’s Retreat at the Balaton Uplands

Opens up space for encounter

The Women Within Us Retreat creates a space to meet our feminine dimensions, to get to know them deeper, to discover the relationships — or the lack of relationships — among them, which in turn help us recognise our potential inner conflicts. By seeing and acknowledging the many different aspects of what being a female means, a realignment happens organically, thus, allowing the unfolding of our own authentic femininity.

Location: Balaton Highlands – HiHekaté Retreat Center
Date: June 30 – July 3, 2022. (Thursday – Sunday)

Limited number of participants: 9


As women, during our lives we meet many different aspects of our femininity, we discover different qualities in ourselves. There are women within us whom we can easily connect, and they naturally occupy space in our lives. There are others who stay in the background due to our varied upbringings, our life situations, or inherited patterns and programming.

During the 4 days we will work with 9 archetypes, which are the following:

  • The innocent child
  • The rebel
  • The lover
  • The wife
  • The mother
  • The leader
  • The enchantress
  • The wise woman
  • The inner Goddess

You can read more about archetypes below.

The encounter with our inner female qualities will be facilitated by the following methods:

  • The wonderful method of AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT allows us to meet our inner archetypes — and the unconscious parts of us connected to them — in a clear framework and secure space, through movement. Authentic Movement is also the practice of non-judgmental witnessing and sharing. This method will be a fundamental piece of the process in the encounter with our inner archetypes.
  • The other keystone of our work will be the usage of archetypal symbols to create our inner map of the nine female aspects. With this method we can clearly see the relationship between our inner archetypes, as if we were looking in a mirror.

We believe that the process of healing can happen through allowance, giving space, discernment and understanding.

The intention of our retreat:

  • To recognise all the dimensions of your inner feminine self by
  • Giving them acknowledgment and room
  • Discovering the connections among them through the awareness of these inner parts, to allow healing, change, and fulfillment.

We warmly welcome to the Retreat all those women who feel ready for both a deep and simultaneously uplifting inner work to unfold their femininity!

Language of the retreat: english, hunagarian.
Knowledge of Hungarian is not a prerequisite for participation!


Balaton Highlands – HiHekaté Retreat Center Address: 8283, Feketebács 714/1., Káptalantóti, Hungary 8283


June 30 – July 3, 2022. (Thursday – Sunday) Arrival: Thursday, June 30th, between 10 and 11 a.m.
Departure: Sunday, July 3rd, between 5 and 6 p.m.


320 eur (80 eur/ day), which includes 4 day accommodation (3 nights) and the retreat programs. It is possible to pay in HUF. The change will be calculated at the current mid-market exchange rate on the day of the payment.

Total: 320 EUR till the 30th of May

Anyone who has difficulties paying in one installment has the option to pay in:

3 parts

by May 30 – 120 EUR,

by June 15 – 100 EUR,

upon arrival – 100 EUR;

2 parts

by May 30 – 160 EUR

by June 15 – 160 EUR


On the retreat we will have with us a wonderful vegetarian chef who will prepare nutritious and tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Price: 22 EUR/day.
It is possible to bring your own meals.


We would like to open up the possibility to anyone who would like to offer any amount as a sponsorship contribution to a participant who has difficulty paying the full fee. In this way, participants who are currently in a difficult financial situation can attend the Retreat. Thank you for your contribution!

You can apply for the Retreat by filling out the Application Form:

The program is given by:

Heléna Hrotkó – holistic dance teacher and body awareness trainer

After her studies in Cultural Anthropology, Heléna entered the world of dance and graduated as a contemporary dancer and holistic dance teacher. She subsequently trained in different somatic methods, such as BodyMind Centering®, Cranio-sacral therapy, focusing, Authentic Movement. Combining these practices, she is now teaching movement courses, giving private sessions, and treatments. The aim of her work is to return to a harmonious relationship with the body: a relationship that is intimate, trusting, living its intelligence and freedom in both movement and everyday life. Working with Body Awareness has organically led her to exploring the many levels of femininity. She has been leading women’s circles and groups in these modalities for 4 years as well as complementary individual processes. The theme of Female Archetypes is a particularly important aspect of her work with women.

About the Archetypes:

Reading through these archetypes you may observe the effect that certain women’s qualities have on you. What is the sensory feedback while going through these aspects, and what does it awaken in you? These tiny impressions can deliver a message for you about how you connect with these aspects within yourself. How much attention can you give them in your life, or how deeply do you refuse the qualities they represent? Where might you lack certain aspects, or how well are these archetypal themes integrated into your life?

The Innocent child The Innocent girl-child still lives within us women. She’s the one that started our journey in life with infinite curiosity and playfulness. She is the one that is able to observe the world through the lens of innocence, the eyes of a virgin, and at the same time she guards the knowledge and ancient memories she came to Earth with.

The Rebel The Rebel is present in us as well, the one that explores herself during the teenage years, proclaiming herself either by mirroring her environment or defining her truth and identity by defying it. This is how she integrates the ability to draw the line, and say no when it’s necessary.

The Lover The Lover is the part of us that explores and lives through pleasure and sexuality. She finds self-expression in enjoying the pleasures of her body.

The Wife The Wife is the part of us who is able to experience the equality in a relationship or relationships and her commitment to them, whether they are professional relationships, friendships or partnerships.

The Mother The Mother instinct is also present in our everyday life, regardless of whether we have a child or not. She is the one that naturally nurtures our ability to raise or support growth and maintain the unconditional and devoted attention to something or someone.

The Leader The Leader within us can take control, set the right framework and regulation, and can stand up for a worthy cause.

The Enchantress The Enchantress is the woman in us who has the ability to look beyond the visible world, and who is able to expand the microcosm of our lives into a more spacious and integrative perspective. She shows us the meaning of our journey and mission.

The Wise Woman Regardless of age, the Wise Woman is part of us; her experience embraces the whole universe. She is the one who is able to see the essence of all things. She resonates with clairvoyance, wisdom, and love.

The Inner Goddess The Inner Goddess in us carries the totality of the female aspects that exist within us. She unites them. The Inner Goddess connotes the Fulfilled Woman in us who has integrated all her many inner qualities by making the connection between them transparent. She is the one who celebrates the authentic wholeness of womanhood.

The artists of cover illustration: Carmi Grau, Lisa Rusalskaya, Shasa Lupine, Victoria Roussel, Quentin Monge

You can apply for the Retreat by filling out the Application Form:


For more information from the organizers of the Retreat:

Heléna Hrotkó
workshop leader:
+36 70 536 0615

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