GODDESS WITHIN – Authentic Movement Workshop and Retreat in Italy


Authentic Movement Workshop

The Goddess Within Workshop creates a space to connect to, discover and honour your inner feminin aspects through the work with Goddesses of different cultures from all over the World. 

19th and 20th of MARCH 2022


The Goddess Within Workshop creates a space to connect to, discover and honour your inner feminin aspects through the work with Goddesses of different cultures from all over the World. 

The work itself happens through Authentic Movement  which is a movement practice that offers a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

The form of Authentic Movement explores the relationship between mover and witness, being seen and seeing. With eyes closed, the mover listens inwardly and finds a movement arising from inner cellular impulses. Gradually the invisible becomes visible, the inaudible becomes audible, and explicit form is given to the content of direct experience.

The witness brings a receptive quality of clear attention to the mover. The witness is mindful of the inner world of sensation and meaning, of images, thoughts and emotions arising. The mover and the witness together can achieve a level of perception of self and other that furthers  deep respect and empathy. You will experience both roles.

This beautiful practice will be happening in the context of a Goddess that you pick for yourself in the beginning of your movement session. Every Goddess offers a message and a quality that you will integrate through your authentic movement and your witnessing.

The intention of the workshop:

  • Acquiring the practice of Authentic Movement
  • Experiencing freedom of movement and the wisdom of you body
  • Practice non-judgmental witnessing and space holding
  • Reawaken your knowledge and feminine wisdom
  • Get to know or remember Goddesses of different cultures
  • Unfold your feminine self and give it the space it needs
  • Connect to deeper layers of your being
  • Accessing your potential

The  workshop is open both for women and men!

Minimum number of participants: 6
Maximum number of participants: 20 

Price of the workshop: 160 eur

Accomodation fee in the studio: 5 eur/night

Workshop schedule for both Saturday and Sunday:

9.30-10.00 – Arriving
10.00 – Starting time
10.00 – 13.00 – Morning practice
13.00 – 14.30 – Lunch break
14.30 – 17.30 Afternoon practice
17.30 – 18.00 – Closing circle.

Short BIO

Heléna Hrotkó 
holistic dance teacher, body awareness trainer, performer

After her studies in Cultural Anthropology, Heléna entered the world of dance and graduated as a contemporary dancer and holistic dance teacher. She subsequently trained in different somatic methods, such as BodyMind Centering®, Cranio-sacral therapy, focusing, Authentic Movement. Combining these practices, she is now teaching movement courses, giving private sessions, and treatments. The aim of her work is to return to a harmonious relationship with the body: a relationship that is intimate, trusting, living its intelligence and freedom in both movement and everyday life. 

Anne Mégier (F)
based in Vie
nna (Austria)
Movement, health and environmental activist, Holistic Dance teacher,  performer, body practitioner, translator, mother, grandmother

Graduated and trained in Landscape Planning, Contemporary Dance, Holistic Dance pedagogy, Shiatsu and other somatic techniques, Authentic Movement, languages, nutrition.  All these different approaches are the base of her investigation of movement and connection to ourselves, our environment and other people, as well as tools to take care of our individual body/soul and of our bigger common body, our planet. Additionally,  her teaching practice and her performance projects in public spaces invite people to discover freedom in their body and mind.

To participate in the activities you must be a member of ASD Nu and be in possession of the Super Green Pass (in compliance with DL 221 of 24/12/2021)
Possibility of accommodation (write us for information)

Info and registration:

(limited places, reservation required)

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